Medical benefits of peach

The Peach is known as kẖwkẖ in Arabic, nectarine in Persian, nectarine in sindhi and peach in English. There are two types of peach. One flat and second tall round of mkẖrwṭy̰ shape. The Color of the green is a bit of a green. The taste is sweet and the mood is cold and in the other level.
The amount of food is to seven grain. It has the benefits.
Peach factors include ḵạrbwہạỷy̰ڈry̰ٹs, protein, Vitamin A and c, calcium, steel and phosphorus.
Nutritious is stomach and liver.
Reduces the excitement of blood.
Comfort the thirst.
Useful in diabetes.
Peach hemorrhagic is useful in fever.
The Oil of the seed is useful in hemorrhoid, ear pain and deaf. In the case of ear pain, only two drops of oil are enough.
To Finish the stomach bugs, it is beneficial to rub and suck his leaves.

The teeth are stronger than the peach juice on the teeth.
Using Peach makes the heat fever fine.
It is very useful in the early disease of the peach haranya. Two Tola Peach leaves in the water and add two honey honey to the day and drink it three times a day.
Removes the smell of the mouth.
Peach eyeballs is the blood, the stomach, the stomach, and the liver.
The Sauce of peach is also made, which is very delicious.
Drinking peach leaves and a black pepper can also remove the old fever from the old.
The Peach is especially useful for the hot and blgẖmy̰ people.
The Peach leaves are tola and the water is and the other is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the one who is the
Removes the heat of the mind. It needs to be careful. The Fruit should always be baked and fresh. It can be harmful for the cold ones.
Some times it would have been a possibility of stroke, lqwہ, rʿsẖہ and nerve weakness so the cold ones should use it carefully.