Medical PG Online Test Series 117

Endolymphatic hydrops is characteristic of:

1. Otosclerosis
2. Cholesteatoma
3. Gradenigo’s syndrome
4. Meniere’s disease 

Blaschko’s lines represent?

1. Dermatomes
2. Lines of development
3. Lines along lymphatics
4. Lines along blood vessels 

Not included among posterior relations of head of pancreas?

1. First part of duodenum
2. Right crus of diaphragm
3. Terminal part of renal vein
4. Common bile duct 

Reabsorption of water in the GIT is maximum in?

1. Ileum
2. Duodenum
3. Colon
4. Jejunum 

Erythema chronicum migrans is caused by?

1. Borrelia japonica
2. Borrelia recurrentis
3. Borrelia burgdorferi
4. Borrelia andersonii 

Site of urea cycle is?

1. Liver
2. Kidney
3. GIT
4. Lungs 

Contraindications to vasoconstrictors in local anaesthesia?

1. Epidural anaesthesia
2. Spinal anaesthesia
3. Digital nerve block
4. Regional anaesthesia 

Which of the following is a characteristic feature of Blount’s disease?

1. Coxa vara
2. Genu valgum
3. Genu varum
4. Coxa valga 

Which of the following contrast agents can be used in a patient with renal dysfunction for the prevention of contrast nephropathy?

1. Low osmolar contrast
2. Fenoldopam
3. Acetylcysteine
4. Ionic contrast 

Most common cause of premature death in schizophrenia is?

1. Nosocomial infection
2. Drug toxicity
3. Suicide
4. Homicide