Medicine is nothing but a journey of learning

Medicine is nothing but a journey of learning

Concentrate on what you can learn. Learn your money’s worth

Don’t waste your time on these thought’s

Nothing to feel guilty if can afford it is good instead of wasting a year u have done good

Once u have decided to move forward no looking back,this too shall pass.Think.l there is no next time,with the amount of competition and students adding up every year,next time either fees will be too high or competition would be so up,hence instead of regretting with a larger amount be optimistic and excel in it.

If medicine is what you wanted and you loved dont stress yourself with the burden of the amount.Sometimes happiness and what you want wont come for free,every thing comes with a cost either cost of finance or cost if wasting a year and time and living in the doubt of getting your dream branch.Trust me time and living in doubt is much stressful then the financial burden.

So cheer up chap and move on.
It’s better than serving rural bonds of different States, government will treat you like boxing bag for rural idiots , compared to government no raggin g Or South North stigma, no butchery but learning, no need to please ur seniors and hierarchy, when something good happens to you atleast realise or else ur wish… Regret for decision

Always believe that what happens always happens for a good reason . we never know whats gonna happen tomorrow so just be happy with what u got n enjoy that .u have the best branch!

Yeah don’t think much, you have whole life to earn, whatever you have taken try doing best in that, rather than thinking much.

At the end learning doesn’t stop here, it will continue on going.

Don’t regret it

U will make make your life beautiful after some time…