Medicine vs Obg vs Surgery Job satisfaction?

Medicine vs Obg vs Surgery
Job satisfaction?
Genuine advice pls.


becoz surgeons don’t think for another option

Wrong 80 percent surgeon medicine na pane wale hote h

A Surgeon is the best option.

As he has capabilities to deel with medical as well as gynecological problem to some extent.


Do Mch urology / Mch surgical gastroenterology

Earn big

Do whatever u like… That is satisfaction…

Else just burn out and misery…

Few of my friends left this field due to utter disillusionment and doing other things which they like and they r satisfied and happy.

Medicine anyday !! Actually only 5% genuinely wants to be surgeon ! Rest all last attempt tha clinical Lena hai. Anesthesia ent ke Illawa toh finally they become surgeons !! Gyane is a female oriented branch for female who L not get dermatology or one who never enjoyed personal life so Medicine anyday

only 5% ? Are you for real dude? and the way you’re talking shit about gynae? You didn’t even get a rank for those branches pretty sure , challa aaya hugne yaha chewtiya kahi ka!

Dr Gaurav Das most imp thing being a male never consider gyane If want surgical branch always Ortho or surgery !! Respect of a male gynaecologist is compromised in society

If u want fixed working hours - then medicine.

Surgical branch - no fixed timing. If u get struck in ot dont know when u wil get relieved. U should have the passion fr surgery. Only then choose it not because someone else is forcing u to take.

Obgyn there is nothing as rewarding as following your patient for 9 months and then giving her the biggest gift of her life.

But what if one doesn’t like pv or emergencies? Also kids are irritating

Job satisfaction is very personal. It depends on the type of expectations you have.

But, to give a general opinion, i would say it’s obg. Almost every patient gets personally acquainted after monthly visits and by delivering a baby you get a sense of completion. And only stories which end give the satisfaction.

Similar to OBG, surgeons may have personally familiar and a lot of successful cases too. But, things may always hang without ending in cases of med and surg.

But if night calls are not ur thing, better avoid OBG>Surgery>Medicine in this order.

Despite all the enquiries you make, job satisfaction is about feeling excited on a Monday morning. Think that, and you will have ur answer

The Moment After You Scrub-Off After A Intestinal Anastomosis /Caesarean Section/Adenoidectomy/SICS/

Or Seeing The ECG after a Successful Thrombolysis…, Or Successfully Resuscitating A Neonate

Every Branch Has Satisfaction… It’s The Main Thing That Drove Us To Take MBBS, Right ?