Medicolegal Importance of abrasion

Medicolegal Importance of abrasion

(1) They give an idea about the site of impact and direction of the force.

(2) They may be the only external signs of a serious internal injury.

(3) Patterned abrasions are helpful in connecting the wound with the object which produced


(4) The age of the injury can be determined, which helps to corroborate with the alleged time of


(5) In open wounds, dirt, dust, grease or sand are usually present, which may connect the injuries to the scene of crime.

(6) Character and manner of injury may be known from its distribution.

(a) In throttling, crescentic abrasions due to fingernails are found on the neck.

(b) In smothering, abrasions may be seen around the mouth and nose.

© In sexual assaults. Abrasions may be found on the breasts, genitals, inner side of the thighs and around the anus.

(d) Abrasions on the face of the assailant indicate a struggle.

(e) Abrasions on the victim may show whether the fingernails of the assailant were long, irregular or even broken