Merits are dropping because not many want to join the medical stream

Merits are dropping because not many want to join the medical stream. No topper wants to live the miserable life that doctors live today. So we will have less talented students becoming doctors henceforth. This is failure of the entire system and society. The society can no provide a secure atmosphere for doctors to work… Neither it’s able to inspire students to become doctors anymore.

Let this go on for another 2-3 decades… And we will surely have to go out of country to get quality healthcare. When I become old… I am not sure if I would like to be treated by the substandard doctors who would come out of this system myself.

The negative atmosphere around medical field is a huge problem and society must understand that it has to change if it wants to have quality health care in the future. We need to infuse positivity in the field, support the doctors who are working tirelessly for the society neglecting their own personal life.

We must rever the pillars of this country… our Jawans because of whom we feel secure, the Kisaan because of whom we can eat. They need our encouragement and support. Similarly, doctors form yet another significant pillar who need to be supported. If the society doesnt support any of these three pillars, evnetually part of system will collapse.