Message from PEMA founder Dr Ash

Message from PEMA founder Dr Ash.

“Well done NHS , Hatts off to all NHS UK staff for making it possible , yes biggest Corona Hospital of world which was built in London is now closed,
This hospital had capacity to admit 4000 patients at a time but numbers never crossed more than 51, this is because response from individual NHS hospitals was so great.

As a front line senior NHS clinician , I witnessed how heroically we turned the table, we had lots and lots of meetings every day, lots of brain storming, every day new steps were added to contained this deadly virus , so many steps were taken and today we witnessed that number of corona admissions dropped significantly all across uk , today during my whole shift there was not a single corona admission , we have now started talking about closure of COViD wards or reducing COVId bays.

This all was possible only because of lockdown and NHS team dedication.

Yes we ( UK) had to pay heaviest price, we had highest numbers of deaths because of some miscalculations done by UK govt , they let it spread initially thinking it will create herd immunity which I believe was a blunder, any way time of deep slumber had now passed… we lost 180 NhS staff including Senior Drs and Nurses ( May God rest all of them in peace ) , today we are successfully defeating this virus. Our steps are working , lock down is working , I request UK Govt to please extend this lock down for 4 weeks more, let NHS breath , let people live. If lock down is lifted millions will die… the only possible way to stop 2nd wave is


Next 4 weeks in Pakistan will be deadly , I request Pakistan authorities to extend lock down and Invite team of senior overseas Pakistani Drs who have first hand experience of fighting this war to help Pakistani Drs and hospitals.

Please share , share and share… this will save save and save … humanity

Dr Ash .
Consultant Emergency Medicine