More you keep yourself away from social crap more successful doctor you will be

"This post is about married female doctors who are doing competitive post graduate training in Pakistan "

"How you should continue your super speciality training and keep your family and in laws family happy "? Remember you will need all of them to celebrate your success , academic success with social failure is a failure itself ,

Simple things will help,
When you are post call on way back home don’t just eat things alone, make it take away , buy same food for your mother in law and for your sister in law :slightly_smiling_face: tell them you missed them a lot in hospital and didn’t feel like eating without them, this will straight away neutralise any negative thought which may have cross their minds in last 36 hrs when you were Oncall.

Keep some extra Budget from your monthly salary to buy nice clothes for them , for sure every women like new clothes no matter how many they have in their wardrobe, take them every month or alternate month to khaadi, Bareeze , gul ahmed , haideri, anarkali, jama cloth , dolmen mall … as per your affordability ,

Instead of having Sundays brunch with your hospital colleagues take your in laws to Del Frio or tooso, United king … or at least take sister in laws and kids of your family … don’t do brunch with same hospital colleagues who were with you whole week for 96hrs… try to maintain balance, call home twice , keep asking how they are :slightly_smiling_face: tell them you miss them …

Keep reassuring family , that you don’t like staying away from them, that you are desperately waiting for your training to finish and than you can cook nice food with them, you always dreamt to cook nice food for them but your hactic schedule doesn’t allow you, try to take them at your side , it’s really not difficult , this has been tried and test it always work,

You can’t stay away from home for 36hrs without physical household participation , if you are doing it than you must acknowledge others effort and must try to compensate by using other means , if you do that than your in laws will happily not only look after you but even look after your kids as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Please tune your mind to be more accommodative,before you opt competitive post Graduate training post,

More you keep yourself away from social crap more successful doctor you will be …

Dr Ash
Consultant Emergency Medicine UK