Most classical sign of scurvy? Nd why?

Most classical sign of scurvy?
Nd why?

In scurvy, there is problem with mineralisation … so the ends of epiphysis gets sclerosed, giving to the signs like ‘Wimberger ring’ sign.

Also pencil thinning of cortices are characteristic.

Other signs are

  • Pelkan spur

  • Trummerfiled zone

  • Subperiosteal haemorrhage

  • White line of Frenkel.

I think history of bleeding is most characteristic

Be it bleeding gums or scorbitic rosary or subperiosteal bleeding leading to psedoparalysis

yeahh,it can be,but ans was given ring epiphysis,nd i still cant get why it is preferred?

Is it earliest sign or any other reason?

ya as I said na, scurvy is a problem in the matrix, not the osteoid - so this ring epiphysis helps it differentiate from rickets which shows the cupping, fraying and splaying instead,

yeahh i think i got it,ring epiphysis help it differentiate from rickets,so is the answer here
But just a bit confused, difference bt osteoid and matrix?nd how it is used here to relate scurvy with ring epiphysis more effectively