Most common cause of acute mesentric ischemia?

155.most common cause of acute mesentric ischemia?
a. thrombosis
b. embolism
c.non occlusive mesentric ischemia
156.a woman noticed mass on breast with bloody discharge.
histopath revealed duct ectasia.treatment is?
a. microdochectomy
b. lobectomy
c. radical duct excision
d. simple mastectomy
157. a 7 yr old girl with non productive cough, mild stridor for 3 months duration. patient
is improving but suddenly developed wheeze productive cough mild fever and
hyperlucency on cxr and pft shows obstructive curve.diagnosis is?
a. bronchiolitis obliterans
b. hemosiderosis
c. pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis
d. follicular bronchitis
158. 3.5 kg term male baby born of uncomplicated pregnancy developed respiratory
distress at birth not responded to surfactant, echo is normal, cxr shows ground glass
appearance. culture negative.apgar score 4 and 5 at 1 and 5 min.hostory of i month
female sibling died before.diagnosis?
a. tapvc
b. meconium aspiration
c. neonatal plmonary alveolar proteinosis
d. diffuse herpes simplex infection