Most common cause of death in neonates? Lbw or prematurity?

Most common cause of death in neonates?? Lbw or prematurity?

Preterm birth (born before 37 weeks of pregnancy) and being small for gestational age, which are the reasons for low-birth-weight (LBW), are also important indirect causes of neonatal deaths. LBW contributes to 60% to 80% of all neonatal deaths. The global prevalence of LBW is 15.5%, which amounts to about 20 million LBW infants born each year, 96.5% of them in developing countries.

I think low birth …What if a pre term baby has a normal weight…And a term baby low weight?

LBW means leg before wicket or low birth weight?

Wow! I really hope you are joking.

prematurity…the doubt cuts off cause it says “lbw” not “elbw”