Most common cause of hypernatremia

Most common cause of hypernatremia
a) Adipsic diabetes insipidus
b) Carcinoid syndrome
c) Renal losses
d) Sweating
Correct Answer - C
Ans. is `c’ i.e., Renal losses
Major causes of hypernatremia
Unreplaced water loss (which requires an impairment in either
thirst or access to water)
Insensible and sweat losses
Gastrointestinal losses
Central or nephrogenic diabetes insipidus o Osmotic diuresis
Glucose in uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
Urea in high-protein tube feedings
Hypothalamic lesions impairing thirst or osmoreceptor function
Primary hypodipsia
Reset osmostat in mineralocorticoid excess
Water loss into cells
Severe exercise or seizures
Sodioutn overload
Intake or administration of hypertonic sodium solutions