Most common pulmonary manifestation in AIDS

Most common pulmonary manifestation
a) TB
b) Pneumonia
c) Bronchiectasis
d) Mycobacterial avium intracellular
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., Pneumonia
Respiratory complications in AIDS
Respiratory diseases in AIDS include
A) Acute bronchitis and sinusitis
They are caused by S. pneumoniae and H influenzae and are very
B) Pulmonary diseases
Pulmonary diseases are :-

  1. Pneumonia
    Most common pulmonary manifestation is pneumonia :
    Bacterial pneumonia : It is caused most commonly by S pneumoniae
    and pneumococcal infection is the earliest serious infection in AIDS.
    H influenzae is also a common cause.
    P canna pneumonia : It is the most common cause of pneumonia in
    AIDS. Risk is greater when CD4 count less than 200/ml.
  2. Tuberculosis
    In developing countries like India, most important pathogen is M
    tuberculosis. Other common pathogen causing TB is MAC (atypical
  3. Other pulmonary diseases
    These are fungal infections (cryptococcus, histoplasma, aspergillus),
    neopasms (Kaposi sarcoma, lymphoma) and idiopathic interstitial