Most of us are having our state round 1 after 3 april

Hello guys
Most of us are having our state round 1 after 3 april
some of us even dont know when state round 1 will start
but they have got seat in this all india round 1
so they have no choice but to join the college alloted to them.
But it is not clear that when we can resign from the all india seat if we get seat in state round 1 after 3rd april
I think MCC should first specify that upto what date we can resign all india seat in case we are getting state round 1 seat because its not very clear and they should add the option for that so that before the 2nd round allotment we can resign that seat and it should get alloted to deserving ones AND should also delay 2nd round of all india after all states complete their round 1 process
because its very strange that inspite of proper guidelines all the states are NOT doing their jobs of completing counselling process in prescribed format
MCC should also make this clear that state should allow us to attend state counselling in round 1 if our documents are submitted in All india round 1 college

Agreed…so much confusion because of this. We should all mail/call MCC regarding this. They did change the free exit rule…so they might modify this one too

in FAQ they had written you need to report to alloted colg even for free exit…but now they’ve issed a notice clarifying there’s no need to report for free exit.

Even in our state the 1st round is happening after 3rd April . It’s on 5th April. I have emailed regarding what is the last day for resigning from R1 all india seat . I didn’t get a reply.

Others should also email them regarding this and please share the reply that you get

Ya exactly same doubt.If we take admission we have to pay d entire 1 yr fee n meanwhile if we get a better seat in seat in state n resign frm all india .wat abt d fees that we have already payed??

All boils down to…if we can resign a seat btw 3rd april.and 12th april. If yes…then only we can submit documents in state and take admission.otherwise… Straightaway state 2 m milega mauka