MS Orthopedics from a premiere state institute / DNB Derma from a good institute

What would be better:

MS Orthopedics from a premiere state institute vs DNB Derma from a good institute

Considering the facts below-

  1. Can get both of them at my rank

  2. Neutral to both branches ( nor too passionate neither hatred for any ) * not at all interested in other branches *

  3. Slight inclination towards doing procedures than doing a deskjob of analysing lab reports and extensive brainwork of ruling out d/ds.

  4. Relatively peaceful and optimally luxorious lifestyle in future.

  5. Preferably like to settle in a good city than a small town/ village

  6. Not afraid from hardwork. My only concern is hardwork should be rewarding enough, like

Effort vs Outcome ratio should be fairly decent.

Insights from seniors in the branches will surely help a lot of us sharing the same dilemma.


Ortho is a surgical branch

And in your point n.o 2 you said “Nor too passionate”

So choose derm.

Do derm plus 2-3 fellowships of 6 months. Can settle in big cities 🙂.

And derm have procedures too.

No hectic duities. Flexible timings.

Whenever you have doubt between surgical Vs non surgical , always choose non surgical.

Cz if you wer really passionate about surgery you wudnt have had doubts.

Okay . Thanks sir!

By ‘nor too paissonate’ i mean no any particular likes/dislikes to both branches.Okay with both.

I dont have a binary of surgical vs


MS vs DNB may be the real deal breaker!

Don’t go by the ppl trying to manipulate you here. No surgeon that I know is THAT passionate. Ppl trying to make it seem like you need a mutated gene, but if they can do it-you can too.

go for ortho bro…but keep in mind that extremely good earning starts after 40’s…but having said that…you can easily earn 1.5 - 2lakhs after post graduation…but massive income takes time and hardwork…and relatively later than physician branches…derma is also a very good option but for good income you have to go into cosmetology…thats where the money lies…

Go for Ortho from a good institute!, Don’t listen to that bullshit cliched ‘choose non surgical if you are having doubts between surgical vs non surgical’. There are no set rules for these things. No one is born with a stamp of a surgeon on their back, Surgeons are made through intense training and hard work, just like you have been made into a doctor today, you could have been made into an engineer if you pursued engineering. There are outstanding people with great hands but that happens in every field , some people like that will always be there. there are plenty of people like you who are interested in both surgical and non surgical. Plenty of them took Surgery and are doing better than those rigid minded morons who talks about how you are born a surgeon blah blah! You may end up becoming a top orthopedic surgeon one day with dedication and hard work! Good luck!

Listen do what u really want… don’t block a ortho seat just bcz u can that’s not something that u should do…if u love something then only do that or else this concept of compromise can have a heavy toll on u in future… ri8 now it would feel like kya hyan le lete hain but after few years the question will change to why the hell did I pick up?? Surgery is all about passion and dedication if u r not dedicated don’t go for it. Nd regarding money it’s not every1’s luck that u will be able to earn a lot…Money is pure luck my father earns much more than my mother despite my mother having 3 degrees and my father only 2 so u see degree passion nothing matters when it comes to money… nd if u want luxurious lifestyle then go for plastic surgery nd hair transplant liposuction these things people tend to spend a lot on cosmetology bcz appearance matters in 21st century…if money is imp then derma then switch over… ortho can give u money but how many TKR will u get in comparison to hair transplant liposuction cases?? U know the math from 20 till 50 years every1 wants a perfect body perfect look… Analyse the market just taking a branch won’t give u money remember that… business is demand and supply remember that!

Agree. But imagine waking up , doing Prs daily straight 3 yr in a hope of getting plastic sx and ending up getting other superspeciality ( uncertainity prevails & SS entrance being an even tougher rat race) .

Much painful

Derma…not much jobs available post pg in Orthopaedics, if doubt ask any ortho Jr who has just passed his exams…and moreover income is same for any branch be it from anatomy to radiology to medicine to anaesthesia to ent any branch…

Prefer ms over dnb if you are not inclined towards a particular branch. BTW curious whats your rank