Muscles of the larynx

•Opening muscle :- thyroepiglotticus.

•Closure of larynx:- aryepiglotticus , interarytennoids ,

•Abductor of vocal cords :- posterior cricoarytenoids .

•Adductor of vocal cords :- lateral cricoarytenoids

•Tensor of vocal cords:- cricothyroid

•Relaxer of vocal cords :- thyroarytenoids

•Modulator of vocal cords :- vocalis.

•Safety muscle of larynx :- posterior cricoarytenoids.
{{ Safety muscle of tongue – Genioglossus }} .

•Whispering muscle:- lateral cricoarytenoids

∆Note :-
•All muscle are supplied by recurrent laryngeal nerve , except cricothyroid (supplied by Superior laryngeal nerve)

•All muscles are adductors except posterior cricoarytenoids (is an abductor) .

•vocalis is called a modulator because it’s anterior fibres causes tension of vocal cords and posterior fibres causes relaxation of vocal cords.