My 2 cents briefly on the topic:

Study Tip

Hi Everyone,

People have asked about resources to us. Common question, different answers depending on who you ask and what their opinion is.

My 2 cents briefly on the topic:

1: You need a primary reading source. Toronto notes is a painful necessity. Understand how the Toronto notes is written - a group of Canadian medical students and residents update, edit, and keep it current on an ongoing basis. They research questions from the exam, and that’s why it reads like a long, painful database because that is what it is. Understanding this goes a long way in understanding the Toronto notes. It’s a database of verified previously tested topics and scenarios. All exams to some degree repeat topics/themes/variations of questions. The other point is that studying for Canadian exams is much more difficult than US exams because there is no standardized approach to Canadian exams. Focusing on ethics for Canadian exams is relevant. Understanding Canadian healthcare is important. I believe the group admin posted her experience a while back and she has an excellent list of resources

2: you need a concise review source that is more digestible and easier to master. MTB 2 and 3 would be a good starting point. Use it, go through it multiple times, and make notes and supplement it with notes from q bank, guidelines, and other resources

3: A primary video source or live lecture. I’m a big supporter of live lecture or video recorded lectures. Live is better (real time, questions, meeting others, etc). When you attend live lectures with peers identify people with similar goals and form study groups. Assign one topic per person and book a 30 minute review session. Rapid fire 5 minute review of each persons topic. Great interactive learning tool.

4: questions, questions, questions. One of the most commonly encountered study areas has to do with learning theory and how people approach exams. People start doing questions too late. Start early! If you’re training to be a carpenter would you wait until you can build a house before attempting to build a simple box? You must apply the knowledge. Active recall and on demand interpretation forces neuronal connections and consolidates memory pathways. There is ample evidence of this. Whether you use uworld, qbank, etc doesn’t matter. Preferably use two qbanks to get different perspectives. Refer to my post on qbank for how to optimize the utility of qbanks

5: How to split your day (3 hour study day) - one hour reading (one topic), one hour video review (different topic) and one hour questions and review (20 questions, timed, and then review and make flash cards). Then 15-30 minutes before bed reviewing flash cards. This is a sustainable approach for working people with families and responsibilities

6: Days off: Continually working and pushing diminishes recall; performance, and efficiency. You MUST take days off to consolidate learning and give yourself a break. Going non stop is sometimes required but a structured plan also has structured days off. You will sleep better, consolidate learning, and reduce burn out

7: Exercise: exercise has been proven to increase learning and memory. A healthy body promotes feeling of well being, positive mood, and physically increases stamina and work load capacity. This carries over to studying. A walk per day, exercise to a decent intensity (always speak to your physician prior to starting any exercise program. My statements are in no way medical advice and you should always check with your own physician prior to starting any activity program) will help with your overall health, well being, and ability to get through the challenges of studying

8: Language proficiency : if English is a weak point - focus on it. Remember exam success is not just the material, it’s the medium. The medium is a test in English which predicates a level of reading comprehension and this takes practice.

Above all, remain positive, set realistic goals, and have a study buddy or group as the moral support and someone who understands the challenges you are facing is an important resource.

Please note I may not respond directly to questions given time limitations. Thank you for understanding.

Best of luck!