My experience in MRCP part 1(jan 2018)

My experience in MRCP part 1(jan 2018)

i hope i can guide many of u the right path and all i will write wont adjust all of u so i hope it could help in the end…so i will brief it in points

  1. ***Duration of studying >>>i started looking at other previous experiences and found they talking about the duration of study to get ready to pass the real exam…they saying 3 ms is enough but it is really depend on ur background …so if ur background is not stable so u will need more than 3 ms to get ready for the exam and to be sure of every concept u have …my duration of study was 2ms and half with serious studying about 4-5hrs from starting and reaching to more than 10 hrs at the last month

  2. ***2nd the source >>>> i started with onexam offline as a start and i had only offline 2016 copy …i finished it in only half month getting all notes i can to get through it before the exam but my opinion it was just waste of time

    • step up for MRCP is a good book …i just read it once it is just passmedicine explanations in all topics and about all weird and common Qs u scan go through in all Qbanks but in organised pattern so it is good choice to stick
    • then i register for passmedicine online and answering every branch in system wise plus u will find tutorial option i recommend it …is about concepts and basics in every branch and giving ideas about high yield and low yield topics it is a studying too really was helpful and 2-3Qs from exam comes from it …ur score wont reflex ur really performance so dont be upset of ur wrong answer …ur wrong answers and getting the concepts will make u more stronger …there is a song called what doesnt kill u , make u stronger stick this in ur mind
  3. then i register by chance by friend of mine in last month for online pastest …and i could say it is a must for real exam it is about more than 4,000 Qs and the Qs were quite difficult like real exam

i will list u the benefits of online pastest

-like exam Qs

-containing all pastpapers from the previous 3yrs with adequate explanation and it was really important …i answered it simulating the real exam …giving u average score to pass so it was big deal for the exam

  • there is also mock exam as self assessment i couldnt answer it because my friend answer it lol
  1. -then 2nd read of maghraby book (step up ) and reviewing my written notes whether from online Q banks or my written ones

*****how to manage ur time in ur real exam …i had experience before in usmle CK…but dont underestimate the MRCP exam …from starting of the study i was answering just 50 qs per day and gradually increase it and in the last weeks i manage to answer 250-300 Qs in the day …simulating the exam 100 Qs in every 3 hrs …plus in real exam long Qs try to look for wht the author is asking the about then read the case to overcome wasted time

****how to fix all concepts u had go through in ur preparation for mrcp >>>>> discussion discussion discussion …this group is gd but try to refresh ur knowledge by writing ur answer and with ur explanation not just writing the answer and run away .

****the day before the exam i starting answer 100 sample Qs on royal college site and it is really like exam Qs …it was fun to answer it …try to solve it simulating the real exam

i hope i did a brief of my experience in simple way , but keep in ur mind all depend on u …good luck for all and if u have any Q just mention me in a comment and i will answer it later and apologize me for late reply .