My experience... With medical postgraduate entrance

My experience… With medical postgraduate entrance.

Even though I am born and brought up in Andhra, because I studied MBBS in Kolar, Karnataka, I was a non local candidate for postgraduate entrance in Andhra. Because I did not stay in Karnataka for more than 7 years, I was a non local candidate in Karnataka PG entrance too.

A non local candidate is eligible for only 15% of total seats in the entrance test… and the worst part is those 15% seats can be occupied by any local candidate also who is in front of me in rank.

So I must get a rank below 50 to have a chance of getting a master degree in PG entrance. That was the only choice I had. That’s a do or die situation I had ever faced in my life. Only because of that situation I had to study hard and ultimately I got State 1st Rank in Andhra Pradesh (combined) medical PG entrance.