My non-medico friend,who has done

My non-medico friend,who has done,works in IT company and switches his MNC companies almost every year whichever give him more salary/package…always says to me “you’re a doctor, never try to become rich, you should always serve the society and do more charitable work”

I think the primary reason for negative sentiment against doctors is because of the poor Healthcare system overall but the Doctor being the forefront face of it all bears the brunt of everything that’s wrong. The long waiting lines, the dirty wards, the lack of attention to patients due to understaffed hospitals, the high fees of corporate hospitals which doesn’t go to doctor and in the end, the overworked tired doctor and nursing staff… it all boils down to people hating Healthcare system just like any other system like law and order, banking and loans , other government offices. But since the life of a loved one is at stake , the hatred is all the more evident for doctors. Engineers, who do not have to deal with people in their line of work, can never understand it with their limited understanding of Public relation.

But then, you become rich, you become more popular and respected among your family and friends, you help and save lives, you open your own setup and become your own boss. Talk to him then.