My partner who has currently 4+ years of experience

My partner who has currently 4+ years of experience ( which includes 1 year in emergency medicine and 2 months in covid critical care ICU) after ug is in a dilemma about taking up a job in one of the prominent hospitals of the country ( India ). He was not planning to prepare for the PG entrance here and was planning to take PLAB with me l, like 2021 or 2022 (waiting for my course to be over)

The above mentioned hospital is offering him a seat in IDCCM ( Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine) which is a 2 year diploma.

And he got a few doubts.

  1. what do you guys think about the prospect of having this long critical care experience with respect to job placement in UK after plab?

  2. He is interested in taking emergency medicine post graduation and intensive care as superspeciality. So will this help getting credits in the selection criteria?

  3. Do you think idccm got any value in UK?

  4. This job involves relocation and he is doubtful about this? Do you guys think this is worthy???

(Sorry for the long post, we are in middle of a lot of confusions)