My poor mom has been suffering with COPD for 2 years but it was missed

My poor mom has been suffering with COPD for 2 years but it was missed. She has suffered an 80lb weight loss and a massive decline in energy, and she is wasting away. I pushed and pushed and asked about her weight loss but doctor did nothing. Finally a senior’s nurse came to visit and was like, oh, this is COPD. Her family doctor did very little and in fact is still doing very little to help. Part of the problem is her 02 levels are good, but her heart rate is high. So it’s like “pink puffer” COPD (she has no cough but her heart is working too hard)–can people educate me here a bit? I’m going to have to advocate on my own. #1) Does nebulizing NAC or gluthathione help to strengthen the lungs and decrease the burden on the heart? #2) Does supplemental oxygen help? What should I be making sure she has? Thank you so much.

oxygen will help alot…I’m on it…also breathing exercises

not sure where you are in the world, I’m in Canada. Who typically prescribes it? or how do I get it for her?

…may need a referral for a pulmonary Dr

her heart rate is very high and she smokes (ugh) but is cutting back. She’s supposed to see the cardiologist, so we’re not sure. The nurse felt the heart was compensating.

Tell them to refer her to arash team if in the uk, you might not spell it like that but that’s what Iv always called them they will give your mum a nebulisers it helps keep her airways moist. Physio’s can help to my mum had end staged copd and smoked heavily she passed away a few week ago stopping smoking is a must to prolong her life and she also wasn’t allowed oxygen due to smoking I think this would of helped a lot.

My mum suffered for many years with copd .