My rank is 7981,I always wanted MD radio but now i couldn't get it

My rank is 7981,I always wanted MD radio but now i couldn’t get it ,i am 2year dropper so i don’t want to drop further i may get DNB radio in peripheral hospital but my friends are suggesting not to take peripheral DNB hosp my parents are forcing me to take MS obg through state but i dont want to take hectic branch

Now i m thinking between MD psychiatry as second option n MD patho as third option

kindly suggest me what to choose between these n suggest me other good branch option

tell me about pros n cons of these branches as female doctor

DON’T MOCK PLZ i need genuine advice i m very much worried plz help

Do whatever you want to do … in 10 yrs you will be most satisfied with this decision of yours… not branch not college…

Don’t take obg, that’s for sure

DNB radio will have its own difficulties but it’s something you always wanted 🥺

MD psych,psych is something not to pick unless you’re passionate about it,or atleast some aspect of it should excite you,you shouldn’t take it just because it’s less hectic I feel,mental fatigue of a branch shouldn’t be underestimated at all,but if you like it(even a few aspects,psych can actually be a good option,there’s a big if obviously)

Personally speaking, DNB radio will by far be the best choice just from what you told us,but the info you gave I feel is lesser,based on this info, rads is by far the best choice

I was told by practicing psychiatrists that smaller city will give you an extra advantage especially in Punjab and Haryana (my home state)

Rest I really don’t know

In that case do give a thought to becoming a psychiatrist

If you are really interested in radio, take radio DNB and do an SRship in a top hospital…

If you are still not convinced, take psychiatry.

Pathology is a non clinical branch with a lot to study. Almost like gen medicine. Take only if you are interested.

Don’t even think about OBG, if you are not a “hectic” person. You have to Live your life. Not your parents

Moni P

Amar Chithrakatha fighting with parents daily that i don’t want to take OBG but they r saying continuously that if u r getting radio take it otherwise take obg literally forcing me daily like m now hating my proffession literally

take DNB radio… even if from a peripheral college doesn’t matter much if its your dream branch. Later do SRship from a top hospital. Do not compromise with your branch. I would suggest you not to take obg if you dont like it or any other surgical branch. That would be the biggest regret of your life. Think what type of life you want 10yrs down the line. If you want a cool not so hectic life with good money and work life balance then radio by far is the best choice you have. Dnb is almost equivalent to MD for radio.