My score has just been released two hours ago after only 13 days of waiting

Hello everyone! My score has just been released two hours ago after only 13 days of waiting (I was told that you have to wait at least 3 weeks).

I wanted to thank you all for your support throughout all these months of studying, I really appreciate it.

The silver bullet for step 1 is to keep working on yourself every day and to COMPARE only with yourself yersterday NOT with other people. “The comparison is the thief of joy” - T. Roosevelt

I was wandering all around from Kaplan videos, some textbooks - but in the end, I was studying with Boards & Beyond videos, UWorld question bank, and FA. I think that the biggest part of my success was meticulous reviewing of every possible answer in the UWorld, not just the true ones.

I’ve watched many videos from Strong Medicine and Osmosis on youtube, but I really do think that it didn’t affect my score, but only attributed to my general knowledge of medicine.

I have done Amboss self-assessment in february and I have got 208. Back then I was reading the comments about that self-assessment in this group and everybody was like “too easy”, “everyone has got 250, 260” - and thought that I was just an ordinary idiot. That’s why I think that you should not compare yourself with others.

Form 19 (40 days before exam): 236

Form 16 (21 days before exam): 244

Uworld self-assessment 1 (10 days before exam): 266

Uwolrd self-assessment 2 (7 days before exam): 258

Form 23 (3 days before exam): 251

I studied for about 11 months, but at least 3 months I didn’t study as efficiently as needed, with a lot of breaks and interruptions. After those 3 months I studied 7h a day for 7 months, and at least 8 hours a day for the last month.

I wish you all the best, stay strong and motivated (althouh it seems impossible every now and then). And if you have any questions - write to me on my instagram account: mr_nikola_s