My second attempt rank was 27k that was last year,,,,this year it is 436

My neet22 rank is 23 k (my neet 21 rank was 1lakh 58 thousand )…This was my second attempt …I love medicine branch but at my rank it’s not possible …So what should I do ?..I’m confused between Take a other branch (DNB)and move on …Or take a drop for medicine …Don’t mock plz …I want genuine advice…

My second attempt rank was 27k that was last year,this year it is 436,try again,try again,till you are satisfied, ,

Congratulations sir on such a great rank !..Sir I can’t give my 100% for sure… studied only for 7 month due to limited time…I want to give my best attempt this time …But lot of self doubt that what if I couldn’t get next time …Sir plz help

u have to give 200% , 6 months is more than enough,it’s not about duration,it’s all about how intense u r studying,and it’s perfectly normal to have self dought,and anxiety,I too had that,more during my 3rd attempt

Drop if u haven’t given your 100%…else pick a seat…with NMC bill coming, you will get a clinical seat somewhere

You may get seat in south India in the last round for 8.64 lakhs per annum in south India.If budget is not a problem then you can join