My son tore his ACL and had reconstruction using his quad in July 2019 (he was 15)

My son tore his ACL and had reconstruction using his quad in July 2019 (he was 15). He is 17 now and just tore it again. The surgeon is thinking about how he wants to proceed, but mentioned possibly using his hamstring this time and he mentioned also using the ALL. Has anyone had this done?I would NOT recommend using his hamstring. Mine lasted less than 1 year before snapping. My allograft (cadaver anterior tib muscle) has now lasted 3 years). Surgeons love telling you “you’ll be good as new after 6 months of rehabilitation” or “You’ll never even notice that we took such a small section of your hamstring” BULLSH*T…I now get cramps in that hamstring frequently and there is a significant esthetic change in the muscle once atrophy takes place. I will never rob Peter to pay Paul when I can get new parts from Steve who died. Also the more I’ve learned post reconstruction is that rehabilitation should take well over a year to allow your body to accept and slowly adapt to the new tendon. Just my 2 cents, good luck.

1st time I was rounding 2nd base playing bar league softball. 2nd time was jogging under a popfly in adult kickball. I have since given up all running sports, snowboarding, and had to modify my golf swing because my knee doesn’t like to pivot. I would find a surgeon that will make the exception for his age. You may have to pay extra for the cadaver graft because insurance doesn’t like paying for them but it was worth it for me, especially after the 2nd tear.

I tore all my ligaments and miniscus. I went in to the surgery having been told they will do the repairs with a donor one. After I came round I found out they used my hamstring. Not sure why they decided to that. But I too still get cramps instantly with certain movements. My surgery was September.

My dad, brother & I all tore the same ACL. My dad had patella tendon graft in 1996, still going strong. No revisions. My brother had the hamstring and it tore 1 year post reconstruction. I just had mine with patella tendon 4 months ago and doing good so far! I’d look into other grafts for sure!!