My step 1 exam is within 2 month (1st of feb)

I need an advice please !

My step 1 exam is within 2 month (1st of feb).

i finished more than half of uworld 2019 offline

and iam on my 2nd round of FA

Didnt do any assessment yet (wont do till finish all 2nd round)

How i can manage the 2 months ? And should i postpone the exam ??

i haven’t taken step 1 and i am 5 months away from my test. I do think you need to take an NBME soon. you still have enough time to readjust and figure out what your weaknesses are and work on them. This is the goal of the test. If you did really well, that is awesome. If you did not as good, you still have to work on your weaknesses. that’s just my thought. All the best! You got this!!! it’s just a stupid test and you will do amazing, never let fear in and always believe in yourself!