My step 3 experience! Only for those who have passed the ck recently

My step 3 experience! Only for those who have passed the ck recently.

Result was out today, December 24th
Score: 234!! Never expected that!
UWSA: never done these.
Study materials:only the biostat and cardio component of uworld, I did the ccs cases from ccs-cases website. And that’s it!


I have never shared my experience in step 1 or 2 because I didn’t feel these were special!
but I felt I want to share my experience in step3 to help those who are hesitant to take it, my post will mainly help people who had their step 2 ck recently and I think doing step 3 right after step 2 ck is a hidden gem!!!

I had my step 2 ck on July 31st and got 256, since then I started pathology residency in my hometown and I have never studied any clinical topic or seen any patient since early July, I had my step 3 exam on November 27th and 30th, and it was in my interview season and I never had the chance to concentrate or study for step 3 during the interview season, my goal was just to pass!! I only did biostatics from uworld and only had time to do the cardiology mcqs from there and I can say I did forget so many clinical information, I did myself a favor by buying the ccs cases from ccs-cases website, I used these as a game during my bus rides and domestic flights, you literally need only one dedicated week or even less, great thing is they evaluate you and give you tips to know where you are standing.

The exam was definitely not easy but honestly much easier than CK!! Maybe because I didn’t have high expectations and just wanted to pass.

I expected I would pass but never thought it would be above the twenties and I thought there might be a chance I would fail!!

Result was surprising, 234!

Lesson is: if you did step 2 ck within less than 4 months, just familiarize yourself with ccs cases (you might not pass if you don’t) and make a quick revision of biostatics and you will pass for sure and might score higher than expected!

Best of luck and Merry Christmas.