My stomach is so constipated in such that it's world war 6 everytime

My stomach is so constipated in such that it’s world war 6 everytime i have to relieve myself. I think it is because i’ve been eating too much bread lately and now i don’t get relief at all. Can anyone recommend some home remedies to loosen up.

Drink a cup of hot water first thing in morning eat a lot of fruit

how about making sure you include roughage in your diet? increase vegetables , if its bread then opt for brown bread…plus rehydrate…the war will end

Go for enema /use lactulose/ bisacodyl tablets to relieve yourself and drink plenty of water.

After every meal, take fruits and drink a lot of water

Take fruits, two hours before meal, not after meal, pls

plenty of water and increase intake of vegetables and fruits like oranges,pineapple