My suggestions for plab1:(cleared October Plab1)!

My suggestions for plab1:(cleared October Plab1)🙏

Sources: plab1keys,plabable,mocks and recalls

-First read Plab1keys in chapterwise then do plabable ,reverse order may fed you up.

Do not simply read the questions,learn the concept and solve it.Each and every words in the questions are important.

You may score less in the first round but don’t bother

-online sources are the best,they update after every exams.

-start revising again & again but beware of recall bias while answering plabable.

-In the last few weeks do plabable mocks, other mock(if available) ,recalls of the last one year and revise only important and volatile topics from plab1keys and marked questions from plabable

-TIME MANAGEMENT is the key which decides the outcome.if you are well oriented with concepts then it’s easy.

-During exam ,reading & understanding 180questions in 180mins is difficult and answering it makes even more . Practice mocks according to that.

make your concepts clear and keep a calm mind.

-Questions from plabable and recalls may repeat.

-5-10questions may be out of plabable but that doesn’t affect your passmark.

Hope this will help you .Best of luck .