My surgery has been cancelled because of covid!

My surgery has been cancelled because of covid 😭 Any tips for staying positive would be greatly appreciated! I feel like the world is against me at the moment.

Just another quick thing…

My knee has gotten significantly worse since I first injured it and had an MRI last March but my surgeons don’t seem to care about what I’m saying and just refer to the MRI which isn’t representative of my knee in its current state.

I was scheduled to have ACL and MCL reconstructions and a medical meniscus repair however a lot of my pain is on the outside and back of my knee but they have no plans for that 😬😰

Has anyone else gone for surgery then woken up having a lot more done than anticipated?
That’s the exact surgery I was signed up for 11/24. Ended up not doing the ACL because doctor said it would be too much surgery at once. My MCL was ripped off, along with some bone, at the tibia. Half my meniscus couldn’t be saved. I am SO SORRY your surgery was canceled. I know this isn’t exactly the type of injury you can just live with.
I had surgery in May. The dr didn’t think it was that bad on mri and said it was only meniscus and mcl sprain… surgery was up to me. I’m active and have an active job. I elected surgery… thank god I did because I had acl reconstruction and meniscus trim.

I was in a similar boat last year. Tore my ACL and meniscus in December 2019. Surgery was scheduled for March 2020 but was postponed until May 2020 due to COVID. I second what others have said about using this time to get stronger and do some prehab. Take advantage of this time because it will make it so much easier post-op. If you don’t already have full ROM, I encourage you to get as much of that back as you can before surgery. And do lots of quad sets and leg lifts. Those will be the first 2 strength exercises you do with PT post op and muscle memory will kick in a bit sooner if you’ve already been doing them.
Oh that’s a bummer. I’m sorry that your surgery was canceled. I just had that exact surgery this past Friday. I completely failed at pre op PT and was unable to get anymore movement than 80 degrees flexion and I was stuck at 8 degrees extension. I felt like I was getting jammed and the pain was awful when would try and go passed the 80 degrees. In surgery they found I had a bigger meniscus tear then what showed on the MRI sand then I also had a huge flap tear in the cartilage lining of the femur bone so that and the meniscus tear apparently was causing all the pain I was feeling. Most likely you are getting referral pains from inside the knee. The body tries to repair things to stabilize itself and starts laying down scar tissue so that’s probably some of it too. I was able to get a muscle stim machine that does both stim and tens so I used that. A ton to activate Quads and the calf. I used the tens to help loosing up the hamstrings and areas along hip and glutes. All which were pulling on the back of the knee. I also used heating pads and massaged the leg a lot. It stinks having to wait but u will get the surgery hopefully soon. If it wasn’t an out patient procedure for you see if you can get it done at one that requires no hospital stay. In Boston these are the only procedures they are allowing to be done as all other surgeries were canceled too. Good luck.