My uncle tested covid positive 4 days back

My uncle tested covid positive 4 days back …after admittion we got to know that he had jaundice and bilirubin levels are 3 and sgot and sgpt levels are raised with platelet count 80000. His d dimer levels are 3000 .

His vitals are stable

Spo2 98%

He is chronic alocholic and had a h/0 alcholic hepatitis twice…

Physician is saying tat we cant give anticoagulant as it’s a contraindication and may land up in bleeding …

but as d dimer are showing high levels

we fear of higher chances of thromboemolic manifestations …

can’t we do anything in this scenario…??

Is there any chance for better outcome…wat will be the prognosis

Share the complete LFT. How much is the PT/INR? If he is a known case of chronic liver disease, then low platelets are expected. Prophylactic dose of enoxaparin can be given. Therapeutic dose can also be given with daily monitoring of PT/INR and by keeping close watch on bleeding manifestations.