Mycobacterium tuberculosis was discoverd by Robert koch

Mycobacterium tuberculosis was
discoverd by ?
a) Louis pasteur
b) Robert koch
c) Lister
d) Jener
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., Robert koch
Scientist Associated with
Proposed a contagium vivuin (cause of
infectious disease)
Von Plenciz Suggested that each disease is caused
by a separate agent
Augustino Bassi Earliest discovery of pathogenic
Davaine and
Observed anthrax bacilli in blood of
Louis Pasteur Father of microbiology (Also see above
Robert Koch Father of medical microbiology
Discovered M. tuberculosis and V
Introduced staining techniques methods
of obtaining bacteria in
pure culture on solid media
Suggested Koch’s postulate
Joseph Lister Father of Aseptic surge
Antony Van
Leeuwen hoek
Invented microscope (Father of
compound microscope)
Father of Bacteriology
Edward Jenner Father of Immunology
Peyton Rous Isolated virus causing sarcoma in fowl
Von Behring &
Kitasato Described antibody