Name as "pg aspirant" in marrow account

They have blocked my account just because i put name as “pg aspirant” in marrow account.

I sent all original documents & adhar & all everything I sent original still they are not satisfied & blocked account just before 20 days of exam.😭,& Not unblocking.

I renewed account till Inicet & now they blocked it because of this stupid logic.

Can u plz look into it once.

Original name rakhne m qa problem h ??

U r using marrow for neet-pg that why we all know u r pg aspirant.

I know it’s really frustrating at the end moment but u could keep it simple

Deepak Singla

I’m ready to edit it but for that they must unblock my account which they are not doing.

I put pg aspirant name earlier because I have problem displaying my name in their rank board.

Many times i just submit all 200 q within 1-2 mins to save time because exam is very near…I do not give test properly with 3 hrs duration of attempting so submit all qus randomly & review it thoroughly…I focus more on reading those 200 topics, that’s why I don’t want my name to get displayed on their rankboard.

Because ppl start seeing other’s names & marks more than their own & start noticing others like “omg he/she still preparing” blah blah .

Ppl in society are cheap,they poke their nose in other’s business unnecessarily… I don’t want others to intervene my privacy through that app.

( Now plz don’t give me gyan to not to worry about others).

i trusted the app & provided all my original documents, isn’t it sufficient to make them believe that I’m a genuine person not someone who is misusing their so called ‘gold standard app’.

Can’t we keep name “pg aspirant” in their app…this is hypocrisy if they are blocking because of this stupid reason.

Now u will say, i should give test “anonymously”… right?

So, let me clear that not everyone have laptop… my laptop isn’t working so I use only mobile & many times (yes almost always) there is no option to give tests anonymously in mobile mode… very rarely just sometimes this option shows up, most of the time it doesn’t show up in mobile mode.

They have shown their inhumane attitude…why do they say “WRWU” when in reality they are so cruel😭. blocking someone’s account just before 20 days of exam shows their egoistic, arrogant & inhumane behaviour.

& No wonder their “WRWU” just a PR stunt , none among them (faculties) are with us ,it’s purely a business for them

Med Man i know that but that option comes in laptop view only.

Very very rarely it came in mobile mode, most of the time no such option shows up in mobile mode.

Instead of correcting the glitch in their app they are torturing me by blocking account just before 20 days of exam… no action even after 60 hrs when evry second is precious for me…not even telling me what they want me to do,just asked for explanation which I gave,I’m ready to edit my name but for that they must unblock my account which they are not doing & not replying back.

When I call,they say “wait 24 hrs”.

Sad to see teacher’s selective mutism on this