Natural ways to reduce the symptoms of menstruation

Natural ways to reduce the symptoms of menstruation

45 to 55 years old women start symptoms of menstruation and live for a few years. These symptoms include summer, sweat, mood swing, restlessness and tiredness.

In this time women are in danger of many diseases like bones, m ٹ ạpạ, heart diseases and sugar.

Eat Foods Full of calcium and vitamin D:

There is a change in the time of menstruation of menstruation, due to which bones become weak and the risk of their b ھ rạ ہ y̰ increases.

Calcium and vitamin d ہڈ y̰w ں ḵy̰ are very important for health. So it is very important to add these ingrediet. After menstruation, Vitamin D’s use of vitamin D is safe from breaking.

A lot of dairy products like yogurt, milk and cheese are found in abundant quantity. Other than that there is also calcium in vegetables with green leaves. Sunshine is the best source to get vitamin D if you can’t sit in the sun So take the supplement of vitamin D. Other than that grease fish, egg and fish oil also found vitamin D.

Keep healthy weight:

Weight Increase in weight at the time of menstruation. This can be the change of CW, growing age, lifestyle and mwrwtẖy̰ỷt. Increase in the body, especially the feet gathered around the ḵmrḵ ے of heart and sugar. Can be the reason for disease. Other than that your weight can also affect the symptoms of menstruation closure.

Eat Maximum Fruit and vegetables:

More use of vegetables and fruits in food can save you from many symptoms of menu. Fruits and vegetables are less calories and vegetables are full of stomach for a long time. So they help reduce weight. Besides this, they save from many diseases and make the bones strong.

Avoid the signs that increase the symptoms:

Some foods are also the reason for creating heat in the body, sweat at night and mood swing. Eating at night makes it more harmful. These gẖdẖạ ں include cafy̰n, ạlḵwḥl, sweet and spicy foods.


Workout increases energy and meta makes the bwlzm fast. Makes bones and couples healthy, bring good sleep by reducing mental pressure. Research proves that three hours exercise in a week for a year. The Mental, physical health and quality improves the life. Daily exercise with ban also protects cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, sugar and heart diseases.

Drink more water:

Most of the women are victims of the land of menstruation. This is the reason for the ạy̰s ٹ rwjn level. To 10 to 12 glass of water should drink more water. Drinking more water to the stomach late Full and weight loss.

Refrain from the gẖtaste of ḵạrbw ہ ạỷy̰ڈ ry̰ٹ:

More ḵạrbw ہ ạỷy̰ڈ ry̰ٹ and grateful food increase the level of gratitude in blood. Due to which nature is fallen and feel tiredness. Research proves that the food of ḵạrbw ہ ạỷy̰ڈ ry̰ٹ increases depression in the women of age. Its Apart from this, more use of such things also puts bad impact on bones.

Take Protein Foods:

The use of protein diet throughout the day saves the problems from being reduced due to increasing age. The use of protein diet also helps to reduce weight. Because the stomach is full of stomach and gives more quantity. Protein food includes meat, eggs, fish, fruits and dairy products.