NBDE practice questions

Which one of the following are not used in water fluoridation

A. SnF2
B. 1.23% APF
C. H2SiF2
D. CaSiF2
E. 8% Stannous fluoride

The best way to clean cavity before the placement of GIC is

A. H2O2
B. Phosphoric Acid
C. Polyacrylic acid

What is the correct sequence of events

A. Differentiation of odontoblast, elongation of enamel epithelium, dentine formation then enamel formation.
B. Differentiation of odontoblast, dentine formation then enamel formation, elongation of enamel epithelium.
C. Elongation of enamel epithelium, differentiation of odontoblast, dentine formation then enamel formation.

A 45 year old patient awoke with swollen face, puffiness around the eyes, and oedema of the upper lip with redness and dryness. When he went to bed he had the swelling, pain or dental complaints. Examination shows several deep silicate restorations in the anterior teeth but examination is negative for caries, thermal tests, percussion, palpation, pain, and periapical area of rarefaction. The patient’s temperature is normal. The day before he had a series of gastrointestinal x- rays at the local hospital and was given a clean bill of health. The condition is

A. Acute periapical abscess
B. Angioneurotic oedema
C. Infectious mononucleosis
D. Acute maxillary sinusitis
E. Acute apical periodontitis