Need some advise from experts : ) of this group


Need some advise from experts : ) of this group.

Please bear with me and gimme advise with your experience if you can.

I am planning to take General Surgery.

And I’m willing to give time to do MCH as well. ( Neuro / Onco / Uro )

After that I want to settle in some metropolitan city ,because of lifestyle , culture and other reasons.

Now I know that it’s really really hard to settle in cities like Mumbai , Ahmedabad , Delhi , Bangalore.

Also I’ll be the first to move to such cities from my family.

Now what I wanna know from the people who live there or have experience with this, is that

Is it really impossible to settle in such cities ?

Or may be one can barely survive with minimal income ?

Or is it possible to not only survive but thrive with good income and good quality of life?

( if so what should I do ? )

Because even after 25-30 years of hard work, opening my own hospital in Mumbai is near impossible ( unless Mr Ambani helps )

Also even if I get a break somehow. with nepotism, lack of my network and contacts and connections do I even have a chance ?

Somewhere even I know the answer but it’s been always my dream to live in those cities enjoying extraordinary lifestyle.

I know it sounds like a dream of some immature kid but what can I do , that’s me.

I know I have planned way too much in advance but you have to start somewhere right ?

Should I stop dreaming about it ? And start planning something in my own city ?

( I live in tier 2 city btw)

Thanks for the help : )

Difficult to own private setups and operate successfully because of competition and saturation

But even if you work in big corporate and you impress them with skills, get good customer reviews, they make You and millonaire specially in surgery . So. Don’t worry about money. Mumbai expensive. Delhi and other metro are not that expensive and even in ms mch sr ship. The stipend is high Im metro decent enough to maintain good lifestyle