Need some suggestions please please help

Is it worth to take CPS DA which is not even recognised?

What are job opportunities after CPS DA ?

Will I get good exposure?

Will I get govt job?

Will I get opportunities equal to any MD Anasthesia or DA?

Will there be any effects on private practice?

I think you’ll be considered anesthesiologist only in Maharashtra, that too half-baked.

There is a obgy specialist in my village. She also had D. A degree.

She also scans the patients… And guess what… She’s one of the richest person in whole district of mine.

She had 30yrs of service and she’s still doing it actively… And getting hugeeeee money…

All these depends on individual bro…

Coming to cps d.a i dont think it is valid in all states. Well, if you are a maharashtrian or gujarati you will be valid to practice anywhere… Pvt practice will yield moremoney than govt jobs