NEET / INICET Test Concepts But vary the details

I’ve compiled this simple FAQ To get you pointed in the right direction

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NEET / INICET Test Concepts But vary the details

And the details will change! There are virtually infinite ways to test a particular concept

Imagine that u missed a question on Cardiogenic Shock

U might memorize that the detail u needed to know was that the cardiac output is low in cardiogenic shock. Simple, right?

However, do u think they will always ask the Question in the same way? Of course not. The next time u see a question on Cardiogenic shock, they may ask u what the left ventricular end-diastolic volume is

Or perhaps the hydrostatic pressure in the pulmonary capillaries, left atrium, and right ventricle. Or maybe the serum lactate levels, urine output, and temperature of the extremities

If u don’t UNDERSTAND the concepts, you’ll be confused when they change the details but keep the ideas the same

Test writers shape NEET and INICET questions to test your " Transfer " ability

Transfer means that when I learn a particular topic, I can use it in a different context

An example would be memorizing the equation


I might remember this

However, an example of Transfer would be if I could use it to consider why a patient in the Emergency Department might be Tachycardiac and Hypotensive

Can u actually use the equation u memorized?

Do u know how to interpret the direct Vs. Indirect bilirubin in the context of a nauseous patient with fever?