Neet _Pg 2021 Result has come. Congratulations to all the my juniors

Neet _Pg 2021 Result has come. Congratulations to all the my juniors. Today I will tell u something abt MD RADIATION ONCOLOGY/ RADIOTHERAPY Course. First of all its a purely clinical branch. In Your course their will be CHEMOTHERAPY; RADIOTHERAPY; Palliative CARE by only medicinal management where chemo and radiotherapy is not possible if patient;s ECOG Is very poor . Everyday in OPD u will come across different types of Cancer patients. We treat all solid tumours including LYMPHOMA; GYNECOLOGICAL Malignancies like cervical Ca; Endometrial ca; GTN; CA vulva etc.; Bone tumours like Osteosarcoma; Ewing;s sarcoma; Osteoclastoma etc. Head and neck cancers; Brain tumours. Pediatric tumours like WILM tumour; Rhabdomyosarcoma. Actually nearly 95 percent of the tumour requires radiation. . And nearly 90 percent of the cancer patients are treated by Radiation Oncologists all over the India… In oncology wards u have to take care of the cancer patients; You have to handle also different oncological Emergencies also it also requires through medicine knowledge. During your first year of MD residency U Will learn Chemotherapy mostly… During 2nd year and 3 Rd year U will learn Radiation…Radiation also two types Teletherapy; BRACHYTHERAPY. FOR Brachytherapy u will get some surgical touch also ; it is done in minor OT; sometimes you requires anaesthesist also. For understanding this subject You should have through knowledge of Medicine; surgery; gyne; pathology; Oncology; Physics; Radiobiology. Those who want a cool branch with lots of clinical exposure and also empathetically wants to treat cancer patients with dedication; It’s a branch for you. It’s a matter of great satisfaction if u can increase the life span and quality of life of these patients: And some cancer in early stages is curable like Breast; Cervix; Lymphoma etc. The number of Cancer patients is increasing day by day and demand of this branch is also increasing. Sometimes in OPD we see more than 300 patients also in a single day. Also in states like WB and others as their are very few Dm medical oncologists; U can practice Chemotherapy side by side ; and in govt medical colleges u will get good hands on for learning chemotherapy as well… After MD if u want can do DM medical Oncology; or Fellowships… It has a great scope. Demand is increasing day by day. For any quary related to this subject u can DM me. Best of luck to all

One doesn’t learn chemotherapy everywhere. In tmh mumbai medical oncology and radiation oncology r separate departments and medical oncology deals with chemotherapy.

Sir,Which is the best institute in Kolkata for RT?? And are MD Radiation oncology eligible for DM anymore (according to the new NEET SS brochure?)