Neet pg 22 rank 22k ... third time repeater with two drop years

Neet pg 22 rank 22k … third time repeater with two drop years … no job all fresher … is it a wise idea to drop again take a job and study for neet 23. I have the courage to study again but unsure about the uncertainty … what if my rank slips down worst . I’ve given my best that I could in this attempt but didn’t fetch the desired rank . Seeking for some genuine advice .

its important not to overstress and blame yourself at this point. life is unpredictable and doesnt always give what we would like. its only our genuine efforts that is within our control, so dont freak over the results.

after you have gained composure analyse your deficits and reasons. if there are modifiable factors and you can correct them and are willing to risk again, go for a repeat. 1 year doesnt matter much if you get what you want.

do take up a part time job. it helps to have some extra bucks and be in touch with profession.

at the end, these ranks wont matter. what will matter is what you do with whatever you get. life is long, dont get bogged down by temporary setbacks. its the courage to continue that counts!

U belong from which State? MO is good option now days ,if state have mo quota…