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Your patient complains of decreased fetal movement at term. You recommend a modified BPP test. Nonstress testing (NST) in your office was reactive. The next part of the modified BPP is which of the following?

  1. Contraction stress testing
  2. Amniotic fluid index evaluation
  3. Ultrasound assessment of fetal movement
  4. Ultrasound assessment of fetal breathing movements
  5. Ultrasound assessment of fetal tone

The BPP consists of five components: 1. Nonstress test 2. Fetal breathing movements—one or more episodes of fetal breathing movements of 30 seconds or more within 30 minutes 3. Fetal movement—three or more discrete body or limb movements within 30 minutes 4. Fetal tone—one or more episodes of extension of a fetal extremity with return to flexion, or opening or closing of a hand 5. Determination of amniotic fluid volume—a single vertical pocket of amniotic fluid exceeding 2 cm.

Each of these components is assigned a score of 2 (normal) or 0 (abnormal or absent). In the modified BPP, only the NST and determination of amniotic fluid volume are assessed.