NEET PG counselling further postponed till Jan 6

NEET PG counselling further postponed till Jan 6. Feel really bad for the candidates and the first year residents who have been working like 1st years for more than a year and a half now.
I just hope the counselling takes place before the next NEET PG, otherwise it will affect the number of seats in the coming exam.

Sir any chance of neet pg 2022 delay???

sir how will the seats be affected for 2022 exam?

Now best way to abolish all types of quota and 100% gen category… After MBBS, no one is backward…

Sir seats for the next neet 2022 will be afffected if counselling delayed? Why so sir?

sir so this means exams might get delayed but how can the no. of seats can be affected i cant understand sir

Henderson Peterson neet pg 2022 is going to be postponed chill

If this is the case why they will be having neet 2022 this early then?

Sir the pain is for the 3 rdyr people…we never felt like 3rdyrs… …we ended with 2ndyr pro max…

First time in history a PG batch without juniors in all medical colleges…

The guy yash tekwani has nothing to do with this he is roaming around with girls in and with 350 marks he has filled a case and spoiled many resident residency

Sir, final year residents in government hospitals are working like 1st years, with thesis, exams and presentations in conferences on their head. Please talk about our pain also

Sir kindly reply how this delay will affect the neet pg 2022 seats?? We are already enough stressed…please reply so that we can understand the reality atleast…