NEET PG: Medical Science MCQs (Practice-Test 69 of 135)

Which one of the following statements regarding fracture neck femur is NOT correct?

  1. Anterioposterior and lateral views XRay are diagnostic

  2. The leg is internally rotated

  3. Garden classification divides the fracture into four grades

  4. A very common fracture in the elderly

Osteoporotic patients

  • Metformin, an oral hypoglycemic drug, should always be stopped because of preoperative risk of

    1. Hypoglycemia

    2. Withdrawal hyperglycemia

    3. Non-ketotic hyperosmolar coma

    4. Lactic acidosis

  • Abdominal compartment syndrome manifests when pressure is

    1. < 5 mm Hg

    2. 5 to 10 mm Hg

    3. 10 to 15 mm Hg

    4. > 15 Hg

  • Medical therapy in Buergers disease involves

    1. Abstinence from smoking, antithrombotic therapy consisting of heparin, diuretics

    2. Abstinence from smoking and administration of fibrinolytic agents only

    3. Abstinence from smoking, administration of fibrinolytic agents and heparin; long term anticoagulation therapy and prostaglandin therapy

    4. Abstinence from smoking along with antithrombotic therapy and vasodilators

  • With reference to the Carcinoma of Lung, which one of the following statemtns is NOT correct?

    1. Radiation therapy continues to be a major therapeutic modality in the management of the carcinoma of lung

    2. Chemotherapy is used in majority of the patients with undifferentiated small cell carcinoma

    3. Patients with small cell tumors do not respond to chemotherapy favourably

    4. Immunotherapy is as useful as chemotherapy for small cell carcinoma

  • Mucocele of appendix is a

    1. Benign tumor

    2. Low grade malignancy

    3. Retention cyst

    4. Infective process

  • In the TNM classification, colon carcinoma with metastasis to nodes is staged as

    1. Stage I

    2. Stage II

    3. Stage III

    4. Stage IV

  • Enlargement of median lobe of prostate is diagnosed by

    1. History

    2. bimanual examination

    3. cystoscopy

    4. Rectal examination

  • In which types of cancer breast patients, the Adjuvant Systematic Therapy is indicated?

    1. All patients with breast cancer in situ.

    2. Axillary node positive patients after curative surgery

    3. Patients with state IV disease

    4. Pre-menopausal patients only

  • Inflammatory breast carcinoma is staged as

    1. T4a

    2. T4b

    3. T4c

    4. T4d

  • The most common cause of gastric outlet obstruction in the first one month of life is

    1. Duodenal atresia

    2. Pyloric atresia

    3. Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

    4. Duodenal diaphragms

  • A healthy infant suddenly wakes up from sleep with abdominal pain and vomiting; and a lump in the abdomen is discovered on examination. The most probable diagnosis is

    1. Wilms tumor

    2. Meckels diverticulitis

    3. Intussusception

    4. Hydronephrosis

  • Which one of the following drugs does NOT cause retention of urine?

    1. a adrenergic blocking

    2. Cholinergic

    3. Antihistaminic

    4. tricyclic antidepressant

  • A patient after a fall has developed claw hand. The spinal segments likely to be involved are

    1. C4 and C5

    2. C6 and C7

    3. C8 and T1

    4. T1 and T2

  • Roentgenogram of the chest confirms the diagnosis of pneumothorax in majority of the patients: But, sometimes the diagnosis is suspected but cannot be confirmed by routing chest X-Ray. Then one would ask for a chest film

    1. During exhalation

    2. During inhalation

    3. In supine position

    4. In Trendelenburgs position