NEET PG Memory Based Sample Questions Set 28 for 2017

  1. In general, the last muscle to be rendered akinetic with retrobulbar anesthetic block is:
    a. Superior rectus.
    b. Superior oblique
    c. Inferior oblique
    d. Levator palpebral superioris.
  2. Whichone of the following statements, concerning persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV) is not true?
    a. It is generally unilateral
    b. Visual prognosis is usually good.
    c. It may calcify
    d. It is most easily differentiated from retinoblastoma by the presence of exophthalmos or cataract.
  3. The laser procedure, most often used for treating iris neovascularization, is :
    a. Goniophotocoagulation
    b. Laser trabeculoplasty
    c. Panretinal photocoagulation (PRP)
    d. Laser iridoplasty.
  4. Which of the following is the most important factor in the prevention of endophathalmitis in cataract surgery?
    a. Preoperative preparation with povidone-iodine.
    b. One week antibiotic therapy prior to surgery.
    c. Trimming of eyelashes
    d. Basal cell carcinoma
  5. A receurrent chalazion should be subjected to histopathologic evaluation to exclude the possibility of:
    a. Squamous cell carcinoma.
    b. Sebaceous cell carcinoma.
    c. Malignant melanoma.
    d. Basal cell carcinoma.
    Answer: c
  6. Amyloid deposits stain positively with all of the following except:
    a. Congo-red
    b. Crystal violet
    c. Methenamin silver
    d. Thioflavin T
    Answer: c
  7. The crystalline lens derives its nourishment from:
    a. Blood vessels.
    b. Connective tissue
    c. Aqueous and vitreous
    d. Zonules
  8. Band shaped keratopathy is caused by:
    a. Amyloid
    b. Calcium
    c. Monopolysaccharide
    d. Lipid
    Answer: c
  9. Bitermporal hemianopic field defect is characteristic of :
    a. Glaucoma
    b. Optic neuritis
    c. Pituitary tumour
    d. Retinal detachment
    Answer: b
  10. The afferent pathway for light papillary reflex is:
    a. Trigeminal nerve
    b. Optic nerve
    c. Abducent nerve
    d. Ciliary nerve
    Answer: b
  11. ‘Fracture-ala signature’ is:
    a. Gutter fracture
    b. Depressed fracture
    c. Ring fracture
    d. Sutural separation
    Answer: b
  12. A dead body is having cadaveric lividity of bluish green colour. The most likely
    cause of death is by poisoning due to :
    a. Hydrocyanic acid
    b. Hydrogen sulphide
    c. Oleander
    d. Sodium nitrite
    Answer: a
  13. When a surgeon wants to send the autopsy specimen for virological examination,
    it should be preserved in:
    a. 50 % glycerin
    b. 10 % formalin
    c. Rectified spirit
    d. Saturated solution of common salt
    Answer: d
  14. The fingerprint pattern may be impaired permanently in cases of :
    a. Eczema
    b. Scalds
    c. Scabies
    d. Leprosy
    Answer: c
  15. The most reliable criteria in Gustafson’s method of age estimation is:
    a. Attrition
    b. Secondary dentin deposition
    c. Transparency of root
    d. Cementum apposition
    Answer: a
  16. The ideal place to record body temperature in dead body is:
    a. Rectum
    b. Axilla
    c. Mouth
    d. Groin
  17. Priapism occurs in
    a. Snakebite
    b. Ratti poisoning
    c. Cantharide poisoning
    d. Arsenic poisoning
    Answer: d
  18. The risk of endometrial carcinoma is the highest with the following histological pattern of endometrial hyperplasia:
    a. Simple hyperplasia without atypia
    b. Simple hyperplasia with atypia
    c. Complex hyperplasia without atypia
    d. Complex hyperplasia with atypia
    Answer: d
  19. The risk of Asherman syndrome is the highest if Dilation and Curettage (D & C) is done for the following condition:
    a. Medical termination of pregnancy.
    b. Missed abortion
    c. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
    d. Post partum haemorrhage
    Answer: d
  20. With which of the following types of viral hepatitis infection in pregnancy, the maternal mortality is the highest?
    a. Hepatitis-A
    b. Hepatitis-B
    c. Hepatitis-C
    d. Hepatitis-E
    Answer: a
  21. Which of the following is the best way of preventing development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in post operative period?
    a. Early ambulation
    b. Physiotherapy
    c. Prophylactic heparin
    d. Los dose aspirin
    Answer: c
  22. In the manning scoring system of biophysical profile for fetal monitoring which parameter is not included:
    a. Fetal tone
    b. Fetal gross body movements.
    c. Oxytocin challenge test
    d. Non stress test
    Answer: b
  23. The pseudomyxoma peritonei occurs as a complication of the following ovarian tumour:
    a. Serous cystadenoma
    b. Mucinous cystadenoma
    c. Dysgerminoma
    d. Gonadoblastoma
    Answer: b
  24. A 27-year primigrvida presents with pregnancy induced hypertension with blood pressure of 150/100 mm of Hg at 32 week of gestation with no other complications. Subsequently, her blood pressure is controlled on treatment. If there are no complications, the pregnancy should be best terminated at:
    a. 40 Completed weeks
    b. 37 Completed weeks
    c. 35 Completed weeks
    d. 34 Completed weeks
    Answer: c
  25. A 13-year-old young girl presents in the casualty with acute pain the lower abdomen. She has history of cyclical pain for last 6 months and she has not attained her menarche yet. On local genital examination, a tense bulge in the region of hymen was seen. The most probable diagnosis is:
    a. Rockytansky Kuster Huser syndrome
    b. Testicular feminization syndrome
    c. Imperforate hymen
    d. Asherman’s syndrome
    Answer: a