NEET PG Syllabus 2024 Para-Clinical Topics

NEET PG Syllabus 2024 Para-Clinical Topics

These topics of the NEET PG Syllabus 2024 provide critical knowledge about the type of diseases, agents causing diseases, and the drugs used for their treatment. Proper knowledge of para-clinical topics is crucial for understanding the correct treatment for specific diseases. Topics covered in the para-clinical subjects include the following:
NEET PG Syllabus 2024 Para-Clinical Topics
Subject Topics

General Microbiology and Immunity
Gastrointestinal system and hepatobiliary system
Musculoskeletal system, soft tissues, and skin infections
CVS and Blood
Respiratory tract infections
Central Nervous System infections
Zoonotic diseases
Genitourinary & STIs


Basic Principles of Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacology
Experimental Pharmacology
Clinical Pharmacy

Forensic Medicine

General Information
Clinical Forensic Medicine
Emerging Technologies in Forensic Medicine
Forensic Pathology
Forensic Psychiatry
Medical Jurisprudence (Medical Law and Ethics)
General Toxicology
Forensic Laboratory Investigation in medical-legal Practice
Pharmaceutical Toxicology
Sociomedical Toxicology
Chemical Toxicology
Forensic Medicine and Toxicology skills
Environmental Toxicology


Introduction to Pathology
Cell Injury and Adaptation
Healing and repair
Neoplastic disorders
Hemodynamic disorders
Immunopathology and AIDS
Basic diagnostic cytology
Genetic diseases
Paediatric diseases
Infections and Infestations
Introduction to haematology
Environmental and nutritional diseases
Leukocyte disorders
Anaemia (Microcytic, Macrocytic, Hemolytic, Aplastic)
Plasma cell disorders
Lymph node and spleen
Blood banking and transfusion
Hemorrhagic disorders
Gastrointestinal tract
Clinical Pathology (Tumours)
Respiratory system
Hepatobiliary system
Urinary Tract
Cardiovascular system
Female Genital Tract
Male Genital Tract
Endocrine system
Bone and soft tissue
Central Nervous System

Forensic and Preventive Medicine

Concept of Health and Disease
Social and behavioural relationship for health and disease
Principles of health promotion
Environmental Health Problems
Epidemiology (Communicable and non-communicable diseases)
Basic statistics and its applications
maternal and child health
Demography and vital statistics
Geriatric services
Occupational Health
Mental Health
International Health
Essential Medicine
Disaster Management
Health care of the community
Hospital waste management
Health planning and management
Recent advances in Community Medicine