NEET SS Medicine: Frequently Asked Questions

PrepLadder understands the confusion of NEET SS Medicine aspirants as it was conducted this year for the first time and several queries that are cropping up in their minds who wish to succeed in next NEET SS attempt.

Aspirants are concerned regarding the syllabus, exam pattern, preparation strategy, important topics, reference books etc. Hence, PrepLadder bring forth this blog to shed light upon such queries, once for all, in order to assist them prepare efficiently for NEET SS 2018.


Q: What is the syllabus for NEET SS Medicine?

A: Syllabus for NEET SS Medicine includes “Medical Curriculum prescribed by MCI with prior approval of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare”.

Q: What is the exam pattern?

A: The exam pattern of NEET SS Medicine includes a total number of 200 MCQs with 1/4th negative marking for an incorrect answer.

The exam duration is two and a half hour i.e. 150 minutes.

Q: Which books should be referred to prepare for NEET SS Medicine?

A: As per the analysis done from various aspirants who appeared for NEET SS Medicine in June 2017, most of the MCQs (almost 95%) were based on Harrison 19th Edition Textbook of Internal Medicine while about 5% of MCQs were based on Community Medicine (nearby 8-10 MCQs) and Psychiatry (only 2-3 MCQs).

Q: Which type of MCQs are usually asked?

A: Majority of the MCQs are direct and one liner type which is picked anywhere from inside Harrison paragraphs. Moreover, approximately 30-40 questions were based upon case history including image based MCQs as well.

Q: What type of MCQs are asked from Community Medicine?

A: From Community Medicine, mostly questions are asked from Statistics and Epidemiology including topics such as sensitivity, specificity, positive/negative predictive value, incidence, prevalence, case control study, cohort study, RCT, other epidemiological studies, etc.

Q: Is there any other book, besides Harrison, to prepare for NEET SS Medicine?

A: Yes, there is another important book to prepare for NEET SS Medicine along with Harrison i.e. MCQ book on Medicine by Prof. Ajay Mathur which is based upon Harrison 19th edition. This book covers most of the topics from Harrison, and covers system-wise topics.

Moreover, MCQ book on Medicine by Deepak Marwah and Mudit Khanna are two other important books to study as they contains previous NBE pattern MCQs for undergraduates preparing for PG entrance exams.

Q: Is Harrison must to read for NEET SS Medicine?

A: Yes, there is no alternative for Harrison. This book should be read in detail and studied thoroughly. Also, MCQ book on medicine by Prof. Ajay Mathur should be followed simultaneously. It will give hold of the topic you are studying and will provide a lot of boost and confidence.

Q: What are the important topics and what may be the marks distribution from various topics?

A: Marks distribution for various topics is as follows:



















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Final Message:

To succeed in NEET SS Medicine 2018, thoroughly study Harrison Textbook of Internal Medicine. Besides Harrison, refer to MCQ book by Prof. Ajay Mathur which is completely based upon Harrison. Moreover, you must go through MCQ books by Mudit Khanna and Deepak Marwah.

Another most important factor to achieve success is to attempt subject-wise test series on topics/units throughout the year. It is indispensable to take grand tests on regular intervals to give an edge to your preparation.

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