No any certificate require for opening of hospital, only money require

Can dgo open their own hospital as a gynaecologist ??

Bro wake up. Nowadays quacks are ruling the Indian medical field while u still doubting yourself whether do can open hospital or not…its only ur mindset at eod… we doctors shud be stone heartened for present Indian society or ubwont be able to survive… if not write plab or uslme & go to place where what u deserve.

need for that. Go ahead and start working with your dgo

why ppl won’t come if ur only dgo holder lol

this mindset has fuked up indian health education… 2 degrees not enough do ss that’s not enough do fellowship… it not matter of hw much degree u have to become successful it how u impact on ur patien

There is no use blaming the system, my opinion is DGO+DNB+ Passing Royal colleges exam once you get eligibility + Indian fellowship of choice

Confidently… Any diploma from an average govt hospital is far better than masters from a very good private college. Infact most of the diplomas are doing great practices.

es in my city many dgo drs working very fine and earning very much ,its all about your hardwork and knowledge in the field