No idea about batch gap . But atleast counselling shld finish

no idea about batch gap . But atleast counselling shld finish

If you see mds

Mds 21 counselling done between August and September last . Students joined by October .

For October students entry itself , they delay mds 22 exam from December 21 to march 22

So mds22 students join by april

Mds 21 joined in Oct

We get 6 months gap ( joining gap between two batches in mds )

That’s makes sense buddy… But difficult to predict same for NEET PG as there is lack of manpower in Frontline & thanks to unpredictability of NBE, they can do anything at anytime

What will happen by thinking so much. None of us is Nabe. If you have contact with politicians then you might have some idea.

Iam saying same situation happened with neet mds and how nbe responded

Atleast he is trying to make some sense, trying to connect the dots.Appreciate that.

It’s 90 percent chance to delay…MDS ki counselling ho gayi hai.

Even if third wave comes, they can conduct exams with Covid appropriate behaviour … Because mds aspirants are around 20000… And the counselling of NEET PG has not started and around 1,75000 aspirants are there for NEET PG 2022…