No offence but no point of posting this here

No offence but no point of posting this here, you wont find solutions, you’ll just get things like “we need to do this”, “break the cycle”, “be good to your juniors”, “Nmc should look into this” etc. No one actually cares enough to take a stand and find a solution. When an unfortunate suicide post also pops up,its the same thing “Rip”, “Govt should intervene”, “working hours should be fixed”. But still no one actually does anything apart from commenting.

If you actually want some change and not just want pseudosatisfaction, take all the issues to the court of law.

  1. Standardization of medical education throughout the country like the DNB exams where no professor or Hod can threaten to fail you. Let MD/MS exams be exactly like DNB.

  2. Regularization of working hours and lessening the resident burden by hiring more non acad JR’s to the departments, mandatory regulations on 2nd and 3rd year PG’s who “dump” all the work on 1st years and on other healthcare working staff who dont move an inch when something “out of their domain” pops up.

  3. Increasing stipend and also fixing stipends to a specific amount in all states, the disparity in stipends across northern and southern states are absolutely abysmal. Paying for overtime work which is a new concept in developing countries can also be addressed. This one is a long shot but still can be tried.

  4. Setting up a department,helplines which cater to the mental health and problems of residents in general providing them emotional and psychological support.

All of these things can atleast be started to challenged when we have a strong united body of our own,unlike these joke of an organizations like IMA, RDA. No point of posting things on facebook, when the only way things will work is legally and through a set of protests.

The way I see it. We need to be that batch… we need to stand infront of the crossfire. We need to be on the recieving end. Maybe then, the next generation will not suffer. We can’t sit and wait for a miracle to happen. We need to make that happen. I believe, or i would like to believe that we are strong enough to face this… any change, any revolution (I’d like to call it that) needs people who will be willing to sacrifice… if we can bare through the sufferings and teach the next generation or batch to treat everyone like family… maybe, just maybe we might have a chance, otherwise many more death will happen. I have lost 3 people I know to this utter nonsense… a senior close to me, and two very dear friends of mine. This needs to stop. This is where I draw the line.